I believe that all students, regardless of where they live, have the right to attend a high-quality school that prepares them for success in college, careers, and life.


I Believe in Student Achievement

Regardless of socio-economic status, cultural background, disability, immigration status, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, tribal affiliation, or ethnic heritage, I believe that all students can learn and excel academically with outstanding teachers, fearless school leaders, and bold district leadership.

I Believe in Empowering Parents

I believe that all parents deserve transparency and information, with accommodations made for cultural and linguistic differences, so that they can make knowledgeable decisions about the education of their children.

I Believe in Community Engagement

I believe that schools are community centers where students, parents, families, resident leaders, nonprofit organizations, local government officials, and business partners are engaged as valuable collaborators. The multicultural community of Aurora is an asset that helps our students become well-rounded individuals with an appreciation for differences.